Hybrid Architectures. Case Studies on the African Continent

JULY 2016

HANGAR – Centro de Investigação Artística

Hybrid Architectures. Case Studies on the African Continent.




International Academic Symposium: lectures + film projections


at HANGAR LISBOA (18-23 July).


Participating research institutes: Cicant (Universidade Lusofona), ISCTE-CEIUL (University of Lisbon).

COMPLETEL PROGRAM UNDER: http://cei.iscte-iul.pt/hybrid_architectures/

This symposium intends to mix various media and expositive methodologies from video screenings introduced by the film makers themselves, argumentative discourse based on personal source material and academic lecture.

The intention of this conference is to focus on phenomena of architectural or urbanistic hybrid situations as a consequence of imposed absorption of cultural paradigma and interactions that took a different parcourse than initially planned.

A hybrid is exposing by its very nature the interaction of its incongruous sources. It is the outcome of a missed assimilation, an unsuccessful cross-breeding that nevertheless powered a new entity, which carries a strong political relevance and fuels a new configuration.

This symposium focused on colonial and post-colonial architectural phenomena will touch on the sacrificial and sometimes monstrous outcomes of these processes in regard to architecture, which nevertheless release also an innovatory potential.

This symposium will follow paradigmatic cases in regard to living practices, in which present mutated and dysfunctional structures (buildings, environments, living situations and imaginary environments) are revealed to be late consequence of lingering Eurocentric spatialisation and its often abusive measures.



16h30 - 17h20 Opening Session - Pedro Ressano Garcia e José Gomes Manuel Pinto
17h30 - 21h10 Documentaries
Portuguese Colonial & pos-colonial Hybrid Architectures

--Grande Hotel, 60’, Beira - Mozambique, by Lotte Stoops, 2010

--CASALATA, 15’, Mindelo - Cape Verde, by Ângelo Lopes and Lara Plácido, 2013

Hybrids in Other African Countries

--Habitat Marocain. André Studer in Conversation with Sascha Roesler, 30’, Zurich - Switzerland, by
Sasha Roesler, 2011

--Negotiating Space: Old Fadama, 13’, Accra - Ghana, by Barbara Roosen, Ana Beja da Costa, Nii
Obodai and Nyani Quarmyne (funded by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation)

21h10 - 21h40 Discussion

July 21 16h30 - 20h00 Documentaries
Hybrids in Other African Countries

--Africa Shafted: Under One Roof, 55’, Johannesburg - South Africa, by Ingrid Martens, 2011

--Many words for modern. A survey of Modern Architecture in Tanzania, 60’, Tanzania, by Jord den
Hollander, 2007

--Ducats Tema, 20’, Tema - Ghana, by Jord den Hollander

--Keeping the City in Line?, 10’, Kampala - Uganada, by Thomas Aquilina and Alex Lyons

--The Terrace, 25’, Nairobi - Kenya, by Laura Horelli, 2011

20h00 - 20h30 Discussion
July 22 16h00 - 18h30

Portuguese Colonial & Pos-colonial Hybrid Architectures

--African Species, Luanda - Angola, Filipe Afonso and Vasco Magalhães (Arquitectos Anónimos)

--Luanda, Cidade Assíntota - Espaço Público da Cidade Informal, Luanda - Angola, Maria João Teles
Grilo (METAPOLIS - Planeamento, Arquitectura e Consultoria)

--Seis Quartos: Arquitetura Popular: Um encontro entre o tradicional e o colonial, Guiné-Bissau,
Geraldo Pina (Universidade Lusófona de Humanidade e Tecnologias)

18h30 - 19h00 Discussion
July 23 15h30 - 17h30 Panel 1 - Colonial Hybrid Architectures

--Navel-gazing in the Study of Colonial Era Architecture in Africa, Foumban - Camaroon, Mark Dike
DeLancey (DePaul University)

--The Sabena Tropical Towers in Kinshasa, Kinshasa - D. R. Congo, Manlio Michieletto & Alexis Kabeya
(ISAU - Higher institute of architecture and urban planning in Kinshasa)

--Hybrid Repair Strategies for Hybrid Urban Architectures. The Case of Kaloleni, a 1940s Neighbourhood
in Nairobi/Kenya, Marijke Martin (University of Groningen), Pauline Bezemer (University of Groningen)
& Robert van Kats (DASUDA)

--Asmara - African’s Jewel of Modernity. A photographic presentation, Asmara - Eritrea, Stephan

17h30 - 19h00 Discussion
19h15 - 20h15 Painel 2 - New Hybrid Architectures

--An Adapted urbanity: an example of new starting points for African cities, the Charles de Gaulle
boulevard in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Halimatou Mama Awal (National School of Architecture
of Grenoble)

--Curating Architecture: On the Road in Burkina Faso, Ayca Beygo (Architekturmuseum der TU